In week three of the semester the Professor Garfield team worked on designing several prototypes, combining exercise activities into curriculum unit packages, reviewing the previous PGF team’s exercise activities and structure, and redesigning the layout of

The prototypes the current PGF team designed included a full lesson plan for one of the curriculum unit packages of exercise activities, a landing page for teachers, and a page for the 8 digital literacy components videos. The PGF team has used key research findings from the previous semester to implement the needs of teachers in order to create the lesson plan and Teacher’s landing page prototypes.

The lesson plan prototype includes key findings such as lesson plans following the gradual release model and including differentiation and assessment sections within the lesson plan. The Teacher’s landing page prototype includes links, videos and pages based off of key findings that support teachers with limited access to technology, adaptive lesson plans and curriculum units, easy student assessment, assistance, and networking.

The PGF team plans to take one lesson plan prototype to teachers at Ball State University’s Teacher’s College to test the performance of the lesson plan.