The study protocol for the new PGF website along with the survey for teachers that have signed up to beta test have now been finished. By the end of this week final edits will be made and the survey will be tested for any bugs prior to administering it to beta testers. The beta test will be used to gather data and feedback on any adjustments that need to be made to the site before a final launch. Before the beta test with the survey can be sent out to teachers, the website needs a few more additions, which are currently being added.

As the survey is being tested for bugs, the project team is also working on finishing the remaining lesson plans. Another lesson plan has been completed and has been sent for editing and the final two lesson plans are currently being created. There are also new scripts written for instructional videos that will be ready for filming next week. The team plans to finish filming and have the videos done by the final week of the semester (two weeks from now).