The PGF project team, the developing technologies team and the video director have discussed and begun recording content that is currently needed for the beta test launch. This includes written text, photos, and videos that will be used throughout the entire site. In order to establish a final version of the Professor Garfield Digital Literacy website for beta testing, both teams and the video director will need to collaborate on processing and plugging in content. This will start with the project team writing and copy editing text content and gathering image content. The video director will work on finishing the scripts for the nine instructional videos needed for the five digital literacy modules that are to be included in the beta test. Once content is gathered, written and copy edited, the project team will then share all of it with the development team who will transfer it to the website.

During this process, it has become noticeable that the protocol, or testing procedure, for the beta test needs to be written out in order to effectively and efficiently produce a useable product (the PGF digital literacy website) that can be properly tested. The process of writing this protocol will begin next week.