As the year winds down to an end, the second-year cohort has filmed overviews of each current project being worked on in EMDD. This included the Professor Garfield project. Jenn Palilonis, the Director of EMDD and faculty advisor for PGF, project producer Tiffany Watt, and graduate assistant/web developer, Darik Hall all spoke about the project as a whole, where it began, where it’s at now and what will happen as we move forward. This video will be finished sometime next week and will be shared at the EMDD symposium.

During that time, the team has worked to make updates on the website and content. So far this includes updates to the current lesson plans for five of the exercises, publishing new content on the website, pushing new updates to the structure of the website and the order of the content on the website, ¬†writing and editing protocol questions, and setting up protocol test for users. It’s been a busy week.

Next week we are focusing on finishing edits for the final two lesson plans, edits for the website and content, edits for the protocol test structure and question and working on the functionality and development of new pages to be included for the beta test.